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I just noticed a small PDF error. On page 32 on the NPC Personas table there's a small errant rectangle overlapping the first two rows in the right column.

Jacob, thanks for noting that. I’ve spotted a few little bits like that after many passes and I’ll revise the document when I set it up for print.


Been enjoying the heck out of this since downloading it. SO much flavor and inspiration in such a small package. Looking forward to whatever else is in the pipeline.


Thank you! I have many plans for expanding Weird North in 2021+.


I am absolutely loving running this, so I'm just curious, any plans for more Weird North goodness?


Happy to hear it! I am currently working on the first of many adventure modules while I weather the large delays in DTRPG POD progress. Expect more to come in 2021, to be sure!

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Fantastic news! I'd love to see some more archetypes and tables...your tables are honestly so evocative.

Edit - Not the delays, the extra content. ;)

More tables are planned, to be sure. I may put together more archetypes at some point. What would you like to see, concept-wise?

Just off the top of my head?

- Some kind of cunning barber surgeon?

- A class that eats parts of beasts and imbues aspects of their nature?

_ A volatile ritualist type, a super high risk/reward archetype, where they can call forth "spells" via rituals but corruption is accrued rather quickly when doing so?


Just bought this and loving it! Great work and most importantly, very usable and with great tools to get playing quickly. 

One question I do have though is, could you elaborate on the Doomsayer Prestige? I'm not quite following how this is intended to work. 


Thanks for the kind words! Useability was my primary goal. Keep it fast and simple.

The Doomsayer is quite narrative. It's up to the discretion of the table and the context. The intent is to lean into the self-fulfilling prophecy concept and especially when used alongside elaborate plans or dire intimidation.


Perfect, thanks!


Hi. Is it OK to share the link to this product and the cover image in a free newsletter about rpg releases? Our first issue is coming out the first week of November and I'd like to include Weird North. Thanks!

Absolutely! Thank you for including Weird North.


Your work came to my attention with Galaxy Far Away: Star Wars. Its Free Kriegspiel Revival play philosophy just appeals to me immensely. I play OSR games, too, and I love fast, flavorful, stripped-down games like Into the Odd, Electric Bastionland, and 17th Century Minimalist. Loving the Sword & Sorcery adventure genre as much as I do, I was thrilled to find this mashup of Sword & Sorcery with Into the Odd coming from you. I can't wait to experiment with this one. Thank you!


Thanks, Trellis! I do tend to vacillate between somewhere around Into the Odd and somewhere around "roll 2d6 and... that's it" approaches.


Rolled up characters the other night. Some real surprising and jarring things came up. As a solitaire player, the number of options and depth available in this streamlined system is very exciting. The character options offer oddity, depth and grit. (replayability!) Also, there are a number of world building generators in the last section, which lets the player get going and playing within minutes. Some of these are quite exciting. It's a low magic system, but the context and quirks really open up possibilities for playing Dying Earth, Mythos, Artifacts, dangerous magic. Cool stuff!


I absolutely love this, incredibly evocative material, beautifully laid out and intelligently selected public domain art! Fully approve, 20/10 would buy again!