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Cool game. Under Stats it says "do not record numerical stats" but you need them when rolling on the service tables (e.g. DEX+1).


The intent there is that your initial descriptors may change based on term results. In the future refined version of this game, stats will sincerely be removed entirely and this will be cleaned up.


I know it's been a long time since this comment, but did you have a version whitout the stats? I'd be interested to see it (even a WIP ;) )

I do not currently have any revised tables that represent the removal of numerical values for occasional results. That said, I recommend simply replacing any STAT+/-1 results with narrative results, like gaining a new keyword or interacting with an NPC or taking a risk (perhaps a 2d6 vs 7/9 throw) to determine an interesting outcome.



Hey, I have a quick question. What does a result of BONUS on the Boon table do?


As a bolded term, it refers to the "NPC Bonuses" table in the back of the document. Consider it either that bonus applied to the player character, or that player character having a reliable NPC connection with the bonus.

Okay, I was thinking that was the case. And all of the other tags, such as hardy or uncouth, just apply situational modifiers when appropriate?

Yes. Any tags, descriptors, items, or other "modifiers" should simply be leveraged as they make sense in the context of what's happening and what's reasonable.


Escape Velocity!?! That was my jam. Sold!


To this day there is no better family of space trading adventure games!


could you potentially have community copies enabled?


I admit I am quite new to itch. I am unsure how to provide those, but I would like to.

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This article I found should be helpful!

thank you!


I'd forgotten to add this, but as of today, Community Copies are live! Thanks again for the head's up.